The blik contact ID is used to establish a non-sharable contact address.

Be in contact with an other person without sharing the phone number.

2. To establish a communication with the user a blik code must be generated and shared.

3. The blik code is valid for one contact at a time, the same blik code cannot be used to establish communication with multiple users, for each contact a blik code must be generated and shared.

4. The Blik ID can be used to establish a one to one messaging or to join a group without sharing the mobile phone number.

5. With the blik ID you can generate a non-sharable contact with every single person you wish to establish a contact.

6. If there is to necessity still to remain in contact, you can end the contact by just deleting the blik code once deleted the blik code cannot be reused. 

 7. How to generate and delete the blik Code?

In the Blik Chat Screen on the top right corner touch on the menu to expand the list.

Generate Blik Code

            The Share button will create a Blik code which could be shared to the other user.            

8. Add Blik user

Add the add button will open a pop up where the blik id from a user can be entered to start a communication.

 9. Group

Create a group by selecting the group icon, to add users to the group enter the bilk code of the user.

 10. History

The history section contains the chat logs from the deleted blik contacts and groups.